Friday, 22 February 2013

Cards X 3

These cards I did for Angela so she had some at her house as she didn`t have time to go to shop for a card for Ben I gave them to her last friday when we meet she was chuffed , I have said I will do her some more ,

While Bethan was here we made 4 cards and a easter  basket I do like crafting with her but I forgot to take photo`s of those we made she is so into making things and she`s only 3 .

here are the 3 cards I made for her

Craft card stock 6*6
La Pashe Cd which I got last year this is a very good cd I think one of my better buys

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  1. Marvellous cards Melanie. Male cards are always so difficult and these are perfect.

  2. I did wonder about this CD but never actually got around to buying it. I'm beginning to think I missed out seeing these three great male cards. Christine x

    1. If you go on there web site I did notice they was only £10 for the 2 CD`s for 2012 thats just inked and normal cd >melanie

  3. This CD looks like one to have, not ever used CD images but wow the cards all three of them are just would cost more Aussie dollars I would think...oh well, can't have it all can I....luv annie

  4. What super cards, they are fantastic.
    Off to have a wee look.
    Have a great day

    Patricia. Zz