Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all my Blog Family

Here is a card I would like to give to all of you if I could ,I would like to thank you all for your support and kindness you have shown me in this most horrible year I have had I just hope next year is a lot better ,I would like to thank you again and I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013

Thanks for stoping by it means so much

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Xmas cards

Well had my xmas with my daughter on Sunday as they fly to Abers for Xmas on 22nd to spend it with Owens parent`s who now work out there ,It has been an one big task getting things ready  , as not been feeling very good ,but the only thing I didn`t manage was Patricia  truffles but they will have to wait till they come back on the 6th Jan
Bethan first nativity play went well at play group but she was at the back and we could not see her ,
but the church one was great got some good photo`s on sunday then we went back to the house opened presents and had Xmas dinner , I`m now looking after Molly for them and she goes back on Amelia`s 1st birthday 9th Jan
my daughters xmas card
the girls cards from me

my mums cards to the girls

and their tree bxs with little presents in

Thanks for stopping by I still have loads of cards to make but may have to resort to buying some ,
just see if my doc can give me something to sort the pain out ,don`t see liver man till Feb ,I might get the result of biopsee on wed
By for now

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Chris cards And A Happy Xmas

Hi everyone well I don`t know when I`m going to be around before Xmas now I have got the builders here tomorrow  ,next week I`m out most days Next Thursday going to see Bethan in her first Nativity so looking forward to that ,then on 16th having my Xmas day with them as they fly to Abi Dabi on the 22nd for Xmas staying with Owens parents, I have got molly for them over Xmas .

I have two appointment with different scan the next week which the liver man wants I`m so surprised they have come through so quick ,The doctor wouldn`t sign Barry off anymore till he seen the specialist for his leg she said he should give up work as he`s 67, he told he doesn`t want to give up work but he will not cope at work on his feet all day ,I`m so annoyed with her I wished I could have gone with him but me seeing the liver man I couldn`t be into 2 places at once ,he doesn`t liked beaning put in a corner but that's my rant over.

I would like to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS  & A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013

I will try and visit blogs but I can`t promise anything as thing are going to be a bit manic and I still have a birthday card to make and my Xmas cards  plus Xmas shopping.

Well here are my Brother Chris is cards I made from me and my mum ,I sent them last Thursday 1st class ,I spoke to him today as its his birthday and hes only got my Mums mine hasn`t arrived  ,they are very simple just print off from La Pashe CD  with me doing Angela`s project

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for supporting me this year it does mean allot ,I will try and and do some more post but I can`t garantee it

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Here is my Twist to my 24 Advent Calendar

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog about my calendars, well you know my daughter and hubby moved home a little while ago ,well hubby was staying with Angela`s friend during the week, well Elle is pregnant with twins ,Angela asked could I do her something special ,she is having a Girl & Boy,Sofia is 3yrs old and friends with Bethan ,I will show you the card I have done first to keep you in suspense , I am taking these up with me tomorrow as I have been told she will be having the twins 18th Dec so you my friends will she them before my daughter


7*10 card
Pearl lemon card embossed with small bitty dots A4 folder Spellbinders
Cream linnen card ,Sue wilsons lace border
La Pashe best of 2012 CD for Images
Ribbon and Pearls from stash ,the buttons my Sister gave me
I have left the Insert seperate so my Daughter can write on it her self then stick it in ,

Well here is the twist I have made a memorey  box in blue and pink colours I struggled to find any card
so I restorted to printing my own on centural pearl card from Joanna Sheen Baby Love CD
Blue box  first

Pink colours

My Hubby made the box`s out of Mahogny and stained them with clear varnish , these was made back in september and I have struggled to find any nice card for the lids ,I finished them this week when I looked through my CD`s,
I have put a spacer card in between the layer to stop the top box falling down just like I did with the advent calendar`s  I made

Thanks for stoping by it does mean a lot to me 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Well I`m still here ,I have a busy day today Hubby at doc`s and me seeing my Liver Dr at hospital . I have had to make these early as the big ones need to Japan and Austrila ,
the small ones are for my sept daughter she gets me the calanders and I make them into desk calanders for her they are so easy to do ,

Here is the recipe if anyone wants to try them  they then fit in a DL envelope once finished,

Strong A4 Card, scored at 9cm,18cm,22.5cm then 27cm ,the rest is stuck to the front inside to ajoin it together ,the 22.5cm is a mountain fold , make sure scores are crisp for it to stand up , I then decorate to how I want ,well here are the 5 I have made for her this year :

I`m sure she will ask me to do more as I had a phone call today and she had got more ,I do tend to use my off cuts as the front is only 9cm in height. LOL we all have them
Here are the ones I have to send abroad they are from Joanna Sheen CD Time goes by

And these are for Me and my Daughter  I got them from CC in there birthday week deals only only £7 for 2 . I couldn`t get them ,I normal do make them and put all the birthday dates in for the family and her friend`s but I thought these would be a change, I shall just have to phone to remind her when the birthdays are ,

I have used my Clinch to bind them we both love Beatrix and as it was 110 yr this year I thought it was fitting,

Thanks for stopping by it means so much ,have a safe day what ever you are doing .

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Hillary`s card

I would like to thanks you all for the comments on yesterday`s post ,It has meant a lot to me ,
I think my hubby may be a bit crabby at the moment cause he`s not well he had three different appointment's yesterday ,just waiting for appointment to see a specialist he doesn`t do being this ill not knowing what going on ,oh what a year ,lets hope it`s better next year I don`t think I will cope with another bad year ,well enough of me going on one a lighter note my project book came from Sam there are some great things  in it,

Well here is the card at long last I made it in October and forgot to post on blog ,

8*8 card ,black card from neutrals with pericing u can see it if you enlarge pic,cream linen card ,
mint green from hobby craft bits I had over  
New d-lites border ,and boy this is very tricky to get out even with grease prove paper I riped 2 getting them out of die ,
Spellbinders die square  can`t remember the name
Creative Exp Stamp (Sue Wilson`s  set) Gala

Thanks for stopping by it does mean a lot

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

2 xmas cards

Hi sorry not been around but I have been making some cards but my hubby has been criticising my cards , say`s I`m making them to fussy it has knocked me back a bit ,but I have taken photo`s I will show one day ,
but here are 2 he didn`t make any comments on ,
I have just realized there was no dies on these card wow

6*6 card from the range
card stock from  my  craft shop
Stamp free from mag last year
ribbon from stash and bows
distress inks from winter collection

thanks for stoping by

Friday, 9 November 2012

Wedding Card

My next door neighbour asked if I could make a wedding card for her Grandson ,he gets married on Saturday . Her Grandson Colin was is the same class as my daughter all the time she was at infant school what a small world ,my husband has refurbished her bird house she is such a sweet old lady ,we was blessed to have good neighbour in our old house never thought we would have such good neighbours again but I was wrong ,
Here is the card I did for Colin
Card stock from the range
neutral card stock Embossed with mbossibiltlies heart folder
distress ink anteak linen ,
stamp creative expression`s
Spellbinders dies
Lace from C & C ,pearls from stash

Thanks for stopping by I do read your comments

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Sister card

Hi this is going to be a quick one when you read this I will be at my daughters for the day ,
I am really annoyed my last two orders from C&C have been lost, they are not going to refund my money till I have signed a form and they are out of stock now of the stamps and folders I ordered middle of October ,I really wanted to order the new folders last night POTD they have just lost a customer . Does anyone know where I can order creative expressions stuff from ??
Well enough of my rant her is my sisters card
Card stock from the range Creative expression stamp set
cosmic shimmer glue dots
Spellbinders dies

Thanks for stopping by
Ps will have to catch up on thursday with blogs

Monday, 5 November 2012

xmas card

I was looking through some of my mags and saw a card with a coloured image on I did not have that stamp
and I didn`t what to dig my stamps out ,so my dies was to had so I cut out some deer's
Well here is the card

The card is 6 * 6  made into easel
I used my hougie to score the pendant ,sticking down was they hardest had to leave to dry over night
Sentiment just rite

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

My friends web site

Back in August one of my friends was back in Kent ,I have know for many years ,while she was at my house she asked how my cards was doing and was I selling them but sadly I said only to friends ,she has come up with a proposition ,her son has a disability and was very ill when he was born but is growing into a fine young man , his disabilty doesn`t get in his way .  She would put me on her website her is the address , I said that 10% of any of my sales from my blog or my Face  Book page will go to this group which helps with Joshua ,sadly the shop I wanted to get into just round the corner from me already has handmade cards and wasn`t prepaired to take mine in though she said they was fantastic though she kept the web pages that I had given her and would look at it I go in regular to collect my papers every morning but no look in that shop
anyone wishing any of my cards can contact me my e-mail address is

I have now set up paypal account as notification has just gone on Kirsty FB account today
Thanks again for looking

Commission card

Well I have just finished the other 2 Advent frames for my sister-in -law so I have now done 5 I found the numbers the longest to do you need loads of 1 & 2`s she has asked me  to do 4 Xmas cards for her but she is paying for these but its my choice ,only one though has to be football theme Man U,

The card I am showing now was commissioned card for some one else it was for a silver wedding anniversary I did it in the break from the advent frames .

Here is the inside
And the card envelope as I had made bitty blossom flowers

 Card and envelope together

I had to do the names in peel off`s that was the only thing I was not happy in doing but I couldn't do anything else , the hearts on the card I sniped one gently to in twine them and you couldn't see the join
I was really pleased how it turned out in the end .

All spellbinder`s dies
Ribbon from stash
Pearls from hobby craft , peel off`s from stash
stamp from creative expressions

Thanks for stopping By it means so much to me

Saturday, 27 October 2012

advent calander

Here is my take on Christine Emberson Advent calender ,I had booked to go on one of her course`s to do them but with my daughter down haven`t got much time left so I made up 24 bxs and asked my hubby could he make a bx fit fit them and he did he varnished it for me I didn`t have the labels 22 die Christine used for the backing of numbers so I used for different dies to keep up with the colour of card I used ,I have made three for my grandchildren ,2 for Angela and 1 for my sstep grandson ,
but I may have to make another 2 for my sister-in-law to grand children but she is letting me know,
there is going to be a twist on this will post when finished

So here it is

 Card from my local craft shop ,
number die from there as well
Spellbinders die for bx
variety of dies for numbers back and front

Monday, 22 October 2012

My daughters new house

I`m so glad they finally got into their new house on Friday afternoon ,we are going up there this Thursday to have a look ,i did have phone call to say they didn`t know where everything was going to fit in as their furniture arrived today ,I said it will all come right soon its early days and Rome was not built in a day ,just told her to chill out and do a bit at time and tears will not help her ,Bless
here is a photo she sent me Friday , Angela ,Amelia ,Bethan And Molly dog ,Owen was taking photo (Molly is a dog they took on 3weeks ago from Owens sister boyfriend his mum`s going to live in Australia

Here is the card I made them

the 11 on the door is number they live in now

thanks for popping by

Saturday, 20 October 2012


Thank you all for your support it means a lot to me ,I should now be able to blog a little bit now but it may not be every day for a little while need to get back into it .
My daughter finally got the keys to her house yesterday , I`m going to see them on Thursday
just hope my cold has gone by then caught it of the little ones this week not feeling very clever at the moment

see you soon I will post the card i made them for their new house once i have uploaded the pic`s on my hubby`s camera

Monday, 10 September 2012

Post `s

Hi everyone but you will have to bear with me this week ,I have a hectic week a head ,Back up to my daughters today ,then again on Sunday as its her last night in their home so have to dismantle the beds and the cot ,take curtains down you all will know the drill but with two little ones it`s hard for them .They don`t get into their new home till the middle of October, her life then gets complicated she will stay in my nephews flat,but go up to watford and stay with good friends on Tuesday night so Bethan can still go to pre-school to try and keep her in some sort of routine ,Dad will be stay there during the week and coming to the flat at weekends ,
I have family here on Thursday - Saturday  as some of my old blog friends will know I lost my Brother in May he was cremated in Blackpool but we did managed to get his ashes from his estranged wife.
I have so struggled since then ,we was going to scatter his ashes in the golf course he use to play when he was here ,but I found that difficult as I would never be able to go and talk to him ,the place where we could scatter his ashes in the cemetery was not very nice ,so we had a discussion with the family and decided to in turn his ashes ,this then caused more problems his ashes had to go away to be changed to a casket ,then August was out the question as it was our wedding anniversary people on holiday Vicar as well ,So it is going to be on Friday 14th then he will be at rest  over looking the Bay and the golf course I`m sure he would like this .Sorry its a long Post but I needed to get it of my chest ,I will try and look at your blogs , Hugs to all my followers See you when I can ,I have got some cards done but not  taken any photo`s.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The cut out card

I thought I would place the die on the card where I could use the off cut  for another card which Sue Wilson had done on one of her post , but I think I have used a to darker card base for this card ,but I have done another  card this will probably be my next blog ,So here is the card I know there will be some negative comments on this one .

I have used holly motifs & accents in cream card ( from the neutral pack) to go with the ribbon   On the accents I used 2 and turned them up to face one another and glued them at the points,
I have used Cosmic shimmer pearl glue ,Fire brick red for distressing on Holly motif on the ribbon ,
Flat back pearls from hobby craft ,
the paper behind the cut out is free from a mag I got . The rest of card is from Papermill when they had there shops , I`m getting really low on this card stock .

Thanks for stopping by it means so much to me .

Friday, 7 September 2012

This one stunning Die

Hi here is another Xmas card the new holiday tree die ,I had to wait for ages for I order it from CC while they had the American birthday week on  so I got this for a bargain ,but when I order it, it said it was in stock then  when I didn`t receive it on the Wednesday when my order should have been with me , I look it said awaiting stock but never mind I have it now .

The only thing and would like your suggestions I think there is something missing at the top .please be honest I will not be up set .

The recipe for card

Centura Pearl card
red card from stash this has been mbossed with the new A4 garden lattice (Amazing being able to do A4 got it from my local craft store to day )
White card from local craft shop in Whitstable has a linen effect on it
2012 Holiday tree  and ornate balls ,
Bakers twine ,cosmic shimmer pearl glue ,Ribbon from C& C can`t remember what it is .

Thanks for popping by it means so much have a great day everyone what ever you are doing

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The card for my son-in-law & Daughter

Hi all I have had a year this year for Death`s in the family this one is for my  Son-In -Law Owen who sadly lost his Gran on Saturday I did the theme in Blue and white as it was for a Man,
Well here is the card

 The recipe for the card
6*6 scalloped card from stash edge with broken china
blue card from stash it was embossed with seedling nouveau (couture creations)
White coconut card cut with Spellbinders Asian Motifs ,Distressed with broken china
Spellbinders Crosses 2 the smallest for the set
Stamp from Creative Expressions Sorry I can`t remember which set it`s from.

Thanks for popping by

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Nearly White Challenge

Here is my card for Linda challenge this is the blog page

I just hope its alright it was not what I had in mind but got a phone call from my daughter on sat morning on they way to Christine Studio to be told that Owen Gran had sadly passed away so I did the first card in a white theme for his parents ,and a blue one for my son-in-law & daughter that will be posted tomorrow ,I just can`t believe this year. Well here is the card

 The Recipe for card

8*8 card from stash
White linen cad for mat ,
 Centura Pearl card embossed with a New Darsie folder pattern extended but it not a repeatable but with it being busy pattern it doesn`t show ,(this is my sister folder)
Spellbinders Asian Accents & Motifs  Embossed and high lighted with antique Linen to match the Ivory lace at the bottom
Spellbinders Crosses 2 with a pearl flat for the middle ,
Spellbinders Floral tag embossed with slight antique Linen ,
Stamp Creative Expressions  : with archival black embossed with clear powder ,this is my slight colour .
Cosmic Shimmer white pva glue.

Thanks for stopping by

Monday, 3 September 2012


This is the card I have made for the little girl Linda post on her blog requesting for a card to made and sent to her to cheer her up , .I made it last week ,but I have been very busy my daughter is moving so have been going up to Watford to help her pack back up there to pack the kitchen when this go live , then I was at Christine Emberson for my first class it was very good

I had a topper over ,so Benjamin is going U.S.A hope he likes it there have just got the verse to put in.

Thanks for stopping by

Thursday, 30 August 2012

First Christmas card

Well I thought I would try and make a start on doing some cards I had got some thought but then the changed it was supposed to for Linda `s challenge but it didn`t work out that way ,I ended doing one then then another but different colours in card stock so here they both are, I now like the second one better ,

this was going to be a white card but ended not that way to many colours on it ,

Here is the second one I made but in cream which I think I like  better ,please let me know which you prefer

Recipe for cards
white card :8 " card stock from stash, Music Sheet photo copy, centura pearl card embossed with Seadling Nouveau (C Expression ),2010 Heirloom Ornament , Centura Pearl card & free paper,
Layered Poinsettia , Felt from Hobby Craft it has glitter on ,Gold Cosmic shimmer glue , leafs :card from stash inked with moss green ,
Ribbon from C.Expression , Holly motif and Red cosmic shimmer glue .

The cream card is virtually the same but the embossed layer and ornament are the milk card from the neutral pack from C expression .

Thanks for stopping by

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Naming card

Here is the other card my Daughter asked me to make , its for her daughter Bethan best friend they are nearly the same age just over 2 1/2 the girls are inseparable , they are so comical to be around , this is the first of hearing a naming ceremony ,it is apparently when both parents have different faith`s and they don`t want them Christened in one faith, I was given the brief it had to be Pink & Purple and butterflies on as it was happening in a butterfly farm.

Well here is the Box Envelope first
Its is made out of
Centural pearl card ,gliter card stock for butterflies and a touch of  Distress ink ( shaded liliac)
Banner : Spellbinders Ribbon large banner,letter`s pink paper (Style No 98360)

Here is the card
Card is 7" * 10 "
reciepe for card
Card from Cupcake crafting
Layers : purple pearl card ,White Centural card, pink from stash .
I have used for emossing the card : Spellbinder Impressionable folder which is metal (garden it has of cause got butterfly on )
Les Papillions, Asian Accents for border , Purple bakers twine ,
Sarah Kay decopage Image she is holding a cat and there are small butterflies on ,
Purple Cosmic shimmer glue ,
Tag:Spellbinders Fancy tags 2  : lettering Style no 98361 & 98360 (from my local show in Whitstable they didn`t have any spellbinders letter`s )
Card Candi from the craft shop I found in Rye when we there & Cosmic shimmer Purple Glue .

Here is the Envolope & Card together
Thanks for stopping by it does mean a lot to me

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

New Home

This is one of the 2 cards my Daughter asked me to make her ,the other naming card is finished will post next

I tried the buds for the card I hadn`t seen before I had made them but I don`t think I have done bad even made the really small ones but they are fiddly you can just see them they are behind the top one,I also tried the flower but didn`t put it on the card as it didn`t look right will have to wait for Sue blog in the morning though I have watched her doing it .
I suppose practice makes perfect , well here is the card

 And here is the rose I did

I have asked my daughter what verse she wants in it but has asked could she write her own thoughts

The receipe for  the card is :
Card : mint green for hobby craft , other card from stash ,
Fancy tag 2 , Stamp free with mag , wow embosing powders ,
Blossom 5 Dies : peach card  with ,worn lipstick as shading ,
Venetian Accents  for leaves and :moss green for stain
The door and fence die : is from my local craft store
Madison grand door :Style No 830
Picket Fence :Style No 827 ( poppystamp inc)
Ribbon from C & C  can`t remember what its called you get loads of different colours in the pack
Pearl from stash

Thanks for popping by .

Monday, 27 August 2012

Craft Barn Candi

I'm not going to list every thing in there, but I'm sure you can spot a lot of yummy products.... 
die cuts , inks (including Dylusions), glitter, a Crafty Secrets CD, embossing folders, goodies to alter, embellishments, a "stamp and die" set, gilding flakes and more...Why not pop over to
Once again it is packed with tons of products
with a retail VALUE OF OVER £ 150 !!!!!!!!!

You dont have to comment here just pop over to 
The Craft Barn
Thanks for popping by :

New job

This is a quick post have done no crafting today been out most of day , this is the second card I did for my Daughter for her friend hope fully if blogger works it will go out in the morning 26th , I did this one from Joanna Sheen  House mouse project CD
All I have done is matted it on to my black card stock , also cut out the decoupage ans just followed the instruction this cd is good for quick cards

Thanks for popping by

Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Husbands work

No card from me today I thought I would show case my Husband Barry work , He does sell these so if any one is interested you can e-mail me on then I will pass your details to him to contact you , he`s been doing these for about 4 yrs now so here are the pic`s
This one is the size`s he does

This one is in our back garden we now have 8 Fantail doves the little box is to home the birds
This one going out to customer with bird feeder and post , the black bit goes into the ground
Next one is a bird bath so it keeps them safe to dry off so cats don`t get them

Last one is up in a garden in  Canterbury

Thanks for stopping by it does mean so much to me

Friday, 24 August 2012

2nd Commissioned card

Hi this one I wasn`t sure about it was for a girl who is 16 , into make-up, fashion ,shoes oh and Handbags
I asked my sister and my daughter when she was down on Tuesday as I thought something was missing ,My sister said put a Bow on it and my daughter said put the same as the bottom accent on the top right side ,but silly me forgot to take a second picture so you are going to have to Imagine it there ,I put Happy Birthday on the accent,well here it is ,sorry for going on ,

Card Sock : Centural pearl card : Background freepapers from mag (shoes, handbags, fashion )
Spellbinders : Label 28 , Venetian accents,sewing elements , Paper used for cuts freepapers & foundations
on the sewing elements I cut 3 paterns papers : 3 Black ,then trimed them up so they had a black stand ,
I then put ribbon pleated to make it look like a skirt ,
Stamp : Creative Expressions : Cosmic shimmer ,Pink

I did put some more cosmic shimmer glue on the bottom after I put the second accent up the top so it matched , it did look right once I had done this and the person who collected it on wednesday  love it ,

Thanks for stopping by