Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Xmas cards

Well had my xmas with my daughter on Sunday as they fly to Abers for Xmas on 22nd to spend it with Owens parent`s who now work out there ,It has been an one big task getting things ready  , as not been feeling very good ,but the only thing I didn`t manage was Patricia  truffles but they will have to wait till they come back on the 6th Jan
Bethan first nativity play went well at play group but she was at the back and we could not see her ,
but the church one was great got some good photo`s on sunday then we went back to the house opened presents and had Xmas dinner , I`m now looking after Molly for them and she goes back on Amelia`s 1st birthday 9th Jan
my daughters xmas card
the girls cards from me

my mums cards to the girls

and their tree bxs with little presents in

Thanks for stopping by I still have loads of cards to make but may have to resort to buying some ,
just see if my doc can give me something to sort the pain out ,don`t see liver man till Feb ,I might get the result of biopsee on wed
By for now


  1. You have had quite a busy time making all thee cards Melanie. I'm sure you loved the Nativity plays. Nice to hear from you again. Love from Christine x

  2. Sorry, forgot to say that I hope you will be feeling better soon. No time is good to be ill but when you have so much to do at this time you could do without this! Christine x

    1. I just hope doc will sort me tomorrow fed up of feeling sick though not been sick and feeling light headed.

  3. Good evening Melanie,
    Great to hear from you
    Hope you feel better soon, nothing worse than that horrible sick feeling.

    Wow! I love all your cards and that one for your daughter is stunning. Really like that 3D effect you have got with the tree Die

    Patricia xx

    Patricia xx

  4. Good Morning Melanie, your cards are all lovely..you've been busy! Sorry you are poorly and hope the Dr will be able to help today, thinking of you, Carole Z X

  5. Hi Melanie,
    wonderful array of cards ans boxes so superbly made.
    Especially when your not feeling well.
    I too hope the doc can do something to hep with the pain.
    Sending you lots of get well wishes.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.