Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas to all my Blog Family

Here is a card I would like to give to all of you if I could ,I would like to thank you all for your support and kindness you have shown me in this most horrible year I have had I just hope next year is a lot better ,I would like to thank you again and I hope you have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year 2013

Thanks for stoping by it means so much

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Xmas cards

Well had my xmas with my daughter on Sunday as they fly to Abers for Xmas on 22nd to spend it with Owens parent`s who now work out there ,It has been an one big task getting things ready  , as not been feeling very good ,but the only thing I didn`t manage was Patricia  truffles but they will have to wait till they come back on the 6th Jan
Bethan first nativity play went well at play group but she was at the back and we could not see her ,
but the church one was great got some good photo`s on sunday then we went back to the house opened presents and had Xmas dinner , I`m now looking after Molly for them and she goes back on Amelia`s 1st birthday 9th Jan
my daughters xmas card
the girls cards from me

my mums cards to the girls

and their tree bxs with little presents in

Thanks for stopping by I still have loads of cards to make but may have to resort to buying some ,
just see if my doc can give me something to sort the pain out ,don`t see liver man till Feb ,I might get the result of biopsee on wed
By for now

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Chris cards And A Happy Xmas

Hi everyone well I don`t know when I`m going to be around before Xmas now I have got the builders here tomorrow  ,next week I`m out most days Next Thursday going to see Bethan in her first Nativity so looking forward to that ,then on 16th having my Xmas day with them as they fly to Abi Dabi on the 22nd for Xmas staying with Owens parents, I have got molly for them over Xmas .

I have two appointment with different scan the next week which the liver man wants I`m so surprised they have come through so quick ,The doctor wouldn`t sign Barry off anymore till he seen the specialist for his leg she said he should give up work as he`s 67, he told he doesn`t want to give up work but he will not cope at work on his feet all day ,I`m so annoyed with her I wished I could have gone with him but me seeing the liver man I couldn`t be into 2 places at once ,he doesn`t liked beaning put in a corner but that's my rant over.

I would like to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS  & A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013

I will try and visit blogs but I can`t promise anything as thing are going to be a bit manic and I still have a birthday card to make and my Xmas cards  plus Xmas shopping.

Well here are my Brother Chris is cards I made from me and my mum ,I sent them last Thursday 1st class ,I spoke to him today as its his birthday and hes only got my Mums mine hasn`t arrived  ,they are very simple just print off from La Pashe CD  with me doing Angela`s project

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for supporting me this year it does mean allot ,I will try and and do some more post but I can`t garantee it

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Here is my Twist to my 24 Advent Calendar

Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog about my calendars, well you know my daughter and hubby moved home a little while ago ,well hubby was staying with Angela`s friend during the week, well Elle is pregnant with twins ,Angela asked could I do her something special ,she is having a Girl & Boy,Sofia is 3yrs old and friends with Bethan ,I will show you the card I have done first to keep you in suspense , I am taking these up with me tomorrow as I have been told she will be having the twins 18th Dec so you my friends will she them before my daughter


7*10 card
Pearl lemon card embossed with small bitty dots A4 folder Spellbinders
Cream linnen card ,Sue wilsons lace border
La Pashe best of 2012 CD for Images
Ribbon and Pearls from stash ,the buttons my Sister gave me
I have left the Insert seperate so my Daughter can write on it her self then stick it in ,

Well here is the twist I have made a memorey  box in blue and pink colours I struggled to find any card
so I restorted to printing my own on centural pearl card from Joanna Sheen Baby Love CD
Blue box  first

Pink colours

My Hubby made the box`s out of Mahogny and stained them with clear varnish , these was made back in september and I have struggled to find any nice card for the lids ,I finished them this week when I looked through my CD`s,
I have put a spacer card in between the layer to stop the top box falling down just like I did with the advent calendar`s  I made

Thanks for stoping by it does mean a lot to me