Wednesday, 27 February 2013

2nd attempt

Thanks for your lovely comments on my post yesterday It does mean allot to me ,

Today card  is another holly pond hill stamp on a swing you may be able to guess which die I used ,
well if you guest right the only problem is that the rabbit is swinging the wrong way with tree , I did use the Idea from Christine Emberson for the seat as a table at the bottom , I`m not sure of this die I don`t think I will use it that often .

Well here is the said card

6*6 card I have folded  the front it in half and stuck it down
Spellbinders swing die I did a faux shape for the mat
background paper behind the die is from a mag I thought it was right with kites on it
Coloured in with spectrum Niors tree as well

I have coloured in 1 of my sisters stamp as well will post soon
thanks for stopping by


  1. Hi Melanie, It still looks great even if it is going the bunny is swinging the wrong way. We probably wouldn't have known if you hadn't told us!!! Have a good day. Christine xx

  2. Lovely card Melanie. Isn't it disappointing when you buy a die and then decide that it's not so useful after all. I have done that recently as well.

  3. Love your card Mel, there will probably be times when you're glad you have the die! Carole Zxx

  4. A lovely card and I was wondering about this die when I ordered some on line but decided not to go for it but I am sure you will always find a 'place' for it...I have also purchased dies which I didn't think I'd use, like paper, now years later I am using aNNie

  5. Love how you have mixed your image into your diecut here. I am sure you will find uses for your die or parts of the diecut. I hope I get around to cutting and using everything I have purchased. xx Flora