Sunday, 5 August 2012

Amelia Christening Day

Today was the day though I was ill with chest infection but still managed it here is a pic of my youngest Grand daughter Amelia in the church ,then you will see the cards I made her, and then the cake My mum and me made her
This one from me

This is the one I made from my Mum
Here is the cake

Some of the dies I used are from the last POTW ,I am still having problems with G.C it is now away hopefully being fix ,I did managed to get these cut before it went back  monday
Thanks for poping by


  1. Hi Melanie,
    Lovely to see you blogging again. so glad you the Christening went well, Amelia is a bonny lass and so knowing.
    Love the cards and the cake is lovely.
    Hope you are well soon but take care of yourself, I am still getting over my chest infection (stupid cough still with me!)
    Hugs Linda x

    1. Thanks Linda `i`m back on antibiotics so hope to be feeling better soon ,I have a string of cards to post but it will gbet there .

  2. The picture of Amelia(pretty name)gazing up at the vicar is beautiful! The cake and cards are great. Lovely keepsakes. I have kept popping back to your blog so it's nice to see you back. Hope you are feeling better soon. So many people have had some some sort of viral illness lately! Thanks for visiting my blog! love Christine x

    1. Your blog is great well done for starting one .Melanie