Sunday, 22 April 2012

My gold theme

Here is another wedding card I enjoyed making this card as it was different layout and using ribbon in strips
this may also going for my niece ,as my Daughter asked me to make her one .
The middle of the bow is an old button


  1. This is so pretty and congratulations on 20 years! I love the elegance of your card. Thanks for being Soartful with us this week!

  2. Your wedding cards are so beautiful! Lovely work! xx

  3. So very beautiful, Melanie.

  4. A lovely card Mel.
    I have a question for you please, I am not very good with a camera and all my photos that I put on my blog won't blow up cleary. When I right click on yours and then open in a new tab to view it, it always stays clear while mine become blurred. What settings are you using on your camera and what settings are you using to upload the picture. Note, I only have a small digital camera, but I can alter ISO and a couple of other bits (don't understand them mind you). I have managed to sort the lighting issue by buying an inexpensive light tent and now they are lovely and bright just not clear, they are always grainy. Any tips you could give me I would be truly grateful.
    Many thanks Linda

    1. I try to take my photo`s near the window in kitchen where I craft when the light is good ,I just up load my pictures to the standard picture folder on my laptop in windows my system is Vista on laptop, I use to use a Kodak camera but bateries was always running out ,I now use my hubby camera a Digital Cannon 400 the zoom lense auto fucus for me as I`m not a tec person only on sytems I know that why my blog is not that good ,I take a photo the upload it to my Lappy then look at it if I don`t like the photo I will go and take another one ,his camera is on setting ISO,he has the programe on our main computor (Xp System) for this camera but i can`t get on with it the beauty of this camera is the battery is rechargeable he bought it off ebay ,your pictures on your Blog are clear when i look them but i don`t blow them up ,I hope this helps, My hubby takes better pics than me as he used to be a member of a camera club .Melanie