Sunday, 8 April 2012

Commission Wedding Card

Here is a card I made for my next door neighbour she asked my Hubby could I make her a special wedding card , Inspiration from Sue wilson`s blog ,
I had made a sample first then took it round to her she then said it was a theme to it and gave me some cotton as it was her Sons wedding ,so I matched it with distress ink (victorian velvet) I have given her some verse``s to choose ,so thats all is left to do .
Here is the sample I made but I know where that is going as I have a wedding in the family coming up next month.

Ribbon from stash and pearls Distress Ink (antique Linen)
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  1. Hi Mel, I am so sorry I haven't been by before, I am so new to this blogging lark, that I am still trying to catch myself up, never mind the new blogger. I was only just getting used to the old one and within weeks of me starting my blog they go and change it. I am getting the hang of it now though.
    First may I say a big thank you for your support and lovely comments on my blog. Being a fairly newbie yourself you understand how much it means when people take time out of their day to say hi. As to your blog, it is actually pretty easy. I was so nervous about it, ask Sue we chatted and she kept encouraging me for months. In the end I did and now I love it. If you would like to email me I really don't mind helping you get yours looking the way you want it. I am no expert remember, but I have learned how to add this and that including new backgrounds. Mine is actually one I designed myself from a digikit and using my Serif Scrapbook & Craft Artist programmes. Anyway, if you would like my help we can discuss this more in emails.
    I have had a little look in your archives and your work is lovely. So creative and you definitely have a Sue Wilson streak running through you. I am going to become a follower now and then I can get all your posts delivered to my Google reader so I can pop over more often. Best wishes dear blogfriend. Linda x