Sunday, 12 February 2012

My Valantine card from my Hubby

I have made my own Valantine Card for hubby to give me ,
My Sister bought the Sk deal from CC so me and her had a Stamping day
it was good , I have still loads of Images to colour but they can wait ,
I have used CC white pearlised card and coloured it with Tim Holts frie brick red.
Here it is
Thanks for poping by


  1. What a beautiful card! I have made my husband a card to give to me as well! xxx

  2. This is gorgeous Melanie - I hope you will be really surprised on Tuesday when he gives you such a beautiful card!

    Catherine x

  3. Thanks Patricia , Catherine yes i will I will have my e-card he does me every year from jackline lawson site XX

  4. Hi I'm Elaine, what a lovely card Melanie.
    I saw this stamp in the srawberry kisses collection , it is so lovely and your embossing sets off the card.
    Well Done
    Elaine W