Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Dave`s card

This is the one I have made this morning for my husband ,
he came home last night and asked would I make a card for him ,one of his work colleague's is in a hospice with the dreaded C word ,it seems to have plagued us  this year with people we know, well here goes.
I know flowers shouldn't`t be on a man`s card but I think its appropriate just the verse to put in
but will do this when hubby gets home from work .
thanks for popping by .


  1. Its lovely Melanie and I am sure he will appreciate it. It can be so hard to find the right kind of card in this situation as sadly get well is not appropriate but the fact you went to all the trouble to make a card will mean a lot to its recipient xx

  2. gorgeous card. im sure the recipient and their family will get great comfort from it. x